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Lembaga Wali Nanggroe dan Kejati Sepakat Bikin Kerjasama, akan Ditindaklanjut Dalam Waktu Dekat


Banda Aceh – The Aceh Wali Nanggroe Institution and the Aceh High Court (Kejati) agreed to hold a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to build cooperation in an effort to strengthen the application of law in Aceh.

The agreement was as a result of the meeting of the Wali Nanggroe Aceh, His Excellency Tgk. Malik Mahmud Al Haythar with the Aceh Attorney General’s entourage, at Meuligoe Wali Nanggroe, Lampeunereut, Aceh Besar, Thursday 12 May 2022.

“Yes, from the results of the meeting there was an agreement for a collaboration between the Wali Nanggroe Institution and the High Prosecutor’s Office. It’s just a plan, but it has been agreed to be followed up immediately,” said the Head of Public Relations and Cooperation, Wali Nanggroe, M. Nasir Syamaun, MPA.

At the meeting, the Head of the Aceh High Prosecutor’s Office (Kajati) Bambang Bachtiar SH MH, who was accompanied by; Assistant for Intelligence Mohamad Rohmadi SH MH, Assistant for Development M Rizal Sumadiputra SH MH, and Assistant for General Crimes Djamaluddin SH MH.

Then there were also Assistant for Civil and State Administration Rahmat Azhar SH MH, Head of the Administrative Section Rachmadi SH, and Plt Kasipenkum Ali Rasab Lubis SH.

Meanwhile, Wali Nanggroe was accompanied by Special Staff Dr. M. Raviq.

“The meeting was in order to discuss various issues, including those related to the work program, both from us, the Aceh Attorney General’s Office and the work program of the Wali Nanggroe Institution,” said Kajati Aceh through Intelligence Assistant Mohamad Rohmadi SH MH.

The results of the discussion with Wali Nanggroe, said Rohmadi, will be followed up immediately, both at the Aceh High Prosecutor’s Office, and submitted to the executive, legislature and judiciary in Aceh.

“Earlier, we also discussed the discourse that the Wali Nanggroe Institution and the Aceh Attorney General’s Office will carry out cooperation or MoUs in the civil and state administration fields. Later, it will be followed up more intensively, more deeply, hopefully within a week or two this will be realized,” added Rohmadi.

Responding to the visit of the Aceh Prosecutor’s Office, Wali Nanggroe expressed his full support for the inputs presented at the meeting.

In addition to receiving input, Wali Nanggroe also conveyed several views on various problems prevailing in Aceh, including those related to obstacles and obstacles in the administration of Aceh Government, and how to improve them.

“The most interesting thing is that the Wali Nanggroe Institution has equipment down to the village level. It would be very good if these tools could be empowered to assist the task of the Aceh Attorney General’s Office,” said Wali Nanggroe.[]